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Instructıon for Authors

Scientific Mission

“ENECO” is a platform for researchers, scientists, doctoral students and masters conducting research and analysis, both in the field of economics and in the field of energy, to share their scientific views, opinions and conclusions with a wide range of readers. The journal prefers to publish articles that reflect current problems of the energy economy and general conceptual issues in this area in a scientific, methodological, theoretical and practical combination. The journal also pays attention to original articles devoted to other areas of the economy.

Languages of Manuscripts

Azerbaijani, English.

Rules of Presentation of Manuscripts to the Editorial Office

It is inadmissible to present articles that published or sent to another edition for publishing.

The author (s) himself, the corresponding author or the person responsible for the submission of the article in a perfectly edited electronic form. / shown on the website e-mail: e-mail is sent to the editorial office. The author(s) must fill out the corresponding author's form. A cover letter and a sample of the author's form can be found on the web page

Reviewing and Publishing of the Manuscripts

The Editorial Office decides about publishing of manuscripts after confidential reviewing of manuscripts by Refereed Board.

The period of reviewing and its affirming is 3 months.

Manuscripts are publishing with queue principle in results of procedure of reviewing.


The published articles are protected by copyright, and all exclusive rights to these articles belong to the editorial board of the journal “ENECO”. Reprint of articles published in the journal is possible only with the written permission of the editorial board, and citation - with reference to the source.

Rules for submitting published articles to the author(s)

The editorial board sends the author(s) one copy of the journal free of charge. The author(s) can also download an electronic version of the full text of the article from the journal's web page in the same form as it was published in the journal.

Structure and Volume of Manuscripts

Manuscripts must be consist of sections of “UDС”, “itle of article”, “name and surname of author(s)”, “name and address of organization of author(s), e-mail address of author(s)”, “Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier - ORCID”, “abstract”, “keywords”, “JEL classification codes”, “introduction”, “text of article”, “methodology”, “conclusion”, “references” and “abstracts in other languages” with succession.

Also, volume of manuscripts must not be much from 30 A4 pages or symbol of 80000 (including appendixes, pictures and tables).

Compiling of Text of Manuscripts

Text of manuscripts must be written in Microsoft Word Office, A4 page format, Arial - 12 punto (black colour), 1.5 line and 2 cm empty area must be allowed in all edges of the pages.

Title of manuscripts should be capital and bold letters. But subheads should be little letter and numbered. Before and then title, subheads, tables and pictures must be allowed one line distance. Pages must be numbered in the top right corner.

Each table and figure must have a title and a sequence number. The name of the table is placed in the right corner above the table and is written after the word “Table”, and the name of the figure in the left corner under the figure and is written after the word “Figure”, numbers are written in Arabic numerals. The number and name of the table and figure are written in bold (the first letter is uppercase). Table column names should be short, and units of measurement should be specified in parentheses.

All parameters included in the formula must be decoded. Formula numbers are placed in parentheses to the right. Explanations of the values of symbols and numerical coefficients should be placed directly under the formula in the sequence in which they are given in the formula. The first line of the explanation should start with the word "where" without a colon. Equations and formulas should be separated from the text in separate lines. Above and below each formula, you need to leave one or two free lines.

The text should not contain abbreviations of words, acronyms, except for common ones (etc., e.g. USA, UN).

The text should contain mandatory links related to the topic.

All sources used should be placed in the “List of References” section, numbered in alphabetical order or in the order in which they appear in the text. The cited sources are given in square brackets (for example, if the reference is to the complete work [1] or [3, 5, 8], and if it is a quote then [4. pp. 17-18.])

In the list of references contains the following data: initials of the author(s) title source place of printing (if article - name of journal, report, conference title, book - city and full name of the publisher), volume (for multivolume works, the volume number) and the number of pages. For sources and Internet pages in foreign languages, you need to attach a translated version in Azerbaijani.

The sources used in the text should be presented in the part “List of References” according to the following sample:

1. One or more author's books and multi-volumes:

Meybullayev M.X. (2010) Introduction to Microeconomics. Baku: “University of Economics”, 2010. 396 p.

2. Books with more than four authors: Gasimov AS and others. (2006) Problems of socio-economic development of the regions (on the example of Sheki-Zagatala region), Baku: “University of Economics” publishing house, 2006, 304 p.

3. Multi-volumes: The Great Economic Encyclopedia. In seven volumes / Editor-in-chief of academician Ziyad Samadzade. Baku: Letterpres Publishing House, 2012-2015.

4. Reference to the article in groups (conference, symposium, etc.):

“The end of the transition period in the Azerbaijani economy: analysis and results. Problems of formation of national development model”. (2010) / Materials of the Republican scientific-practical conference. Baku: “East-West”. s. 314-316.

5. Journals: Hajizadeh M.E. Information economy as a new economic system of social development. News of ANAS. Economy series. Baku: №1. 2015, pp. 24-29.

6. Internet pages (references to web pages must be in the form of a full address, with the indication of the date, month, year and date of use): (11.01.2021) / State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Key macroeconomic indicators. Sources not used in the text should not be listed in the Bibliography section.


The abstract reflects the essence of the article, is compiled in each individual language of the journal with the same content, and should not exceed 200 words. The text of the abstract should be strictly edited from a scientific and grammatical point of view and should include points of idea and provisions that reflect the purpose of the study, methodology, results, limitations, originality, scientific innovation and practical significance.

Abstracts in other languages must contain the author(s) last name, first name, patronymic, academic degree, name, position, e-mail address and title of the article.

Index and Keywords

Author(s) must note scientific directions of article on bases of JEL Code (The Journal of Economic Literature of American Economic Association) and UDC index. JEL codes must be noted after keywords, but UDC index must be noted in the left corner of page before title of the article.

Keywords must not be much from 5 words.


Cover letter

Information about author