Оксана Солодкая, Петр Мамотько, Денис Герак: Анализ техники выполнения тяжелоатлетических упражнений при занятии кроссфитом.

DOI: 10.23747/CESAJSC/31.04.2019-10

Оксана Солодкая, Петр Мамотько, Денис Герак

Анализ техники выполнения тяжелоатлетических упражнений при занятии кроссфитом.


The purpose of the study is to study the characteristic errors of athletes involved in crossfit, when performing weight-lifting exercises.

Research methods: theoretical analysis and synthesis of literature and Internet resources, pedagogical observation, video filming, methods of mathematical statistics.

Organization of the study. Studies were conducted in the sports complex "BlaS" and "CrossFit Factory". The study involved 24 men involved in crossfit, age 23-48 years old, workout experience from 6 months to 2 years. The amount of training classes was 3-4 classes per week.

The following methods were analyzed: methods of conducting group and individual classes, planning training sessions, the technique of performing weight-lifting exercises, jerk and push (lifting onto the chest, pushing out from the chest) of the barbell.

In the structure of the jerk and in the ascent to the chest, the phases were distinguished: start, thrust, undermining, squatting, rising, fixing. In the push from the chest, the phases of movement have the following names: half-squat, pushing, leaving, rising, fixing.

We determined that 91.6% of crossfit practitioners performed the barbell tug exercise with critical deviations from the rational rod movement trajectory. 75% of those tested lack a phase of detonation, or after it has been completed, the body is not fully straightened. 83.3% of sportsmen made a mistake when performing a half-ride. An analysis of the execution of the push showed that 91.6% of crossfitters made mistakes in the starting position.

The technique of performing weight-lifting exercises, jerk and push of a bar in athletes crossfitters was investigated. Identified characteristic technical errors that can lead to injuries of the musculoskeletal system. General practical recommendations are given for the study and use of weightlifting exercises in group and individual crossfit training.

Keywords: crossfit, bar, jerk, push, injury, technical error.


В статье представлено исследование техники выполнения тяжелоатлетических упражнений, рывка и толчка штанги у спортсменов, занимающихся кроссфитом. Выявлены характерные технические ошибки, которые могут привести к травмам опорно-двигательного аппарата. Даны общие практические рекомендации для изучения и использования тяжелоатлетических упражнений в групповых и индивидуальных занятиях кроссфитом.

Ключевые слова: кроссфит, штанга, рывок, толчок, травма, техническая ошибка.

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