Archil Prangishvili-Georgian Technical University. Doctor of Technical Sciences. Full Professor.

Avtandil Silagadze-Correspondent committee-man of National Academy of Georgia. Tbilisi University of International Relationships. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Full Professor.

Badri Gechbaia-Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. Head of Business Administration Department. PhD in Economics, Associate Professor.

Davit Narmania-Tbilisi State University (TSU), Chair of Management and Administration Department. Professor.

Lamara Qoqiauri-Georgian Technical University. Member of Academy of Economical Sciences. Member of New York Academy of Sciences. Director of first English school named "Nino". Doctor of Economical Sciences. Full Professor.

Lia Eliava-Kutaisi University.Economic expert in the sphere of economy and current events in financial sector.Full Professor. PhD in Business Administration.

Liana Ptaschenko-Poltava National Technical University named Yuri Kondratyuk. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Professor.

Nino Didbaridze-Microbiology and Immunology Department. Immunologi Direction. Tbilisi State Medical University. PhD MD.

Paata Koguashvili-Georgian Technical University. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Full Professor. Academician. Member of Georgia Academy of Sciences of Agriculture.

Sergei S. Padalka-Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Senior Researcher at the Department of Contemporary History and Policy at the Institute of History of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Tamar Didbaridze-Tbilisi State Medical University, First University Clinic. PhD in MD.

Zurab Khonelidze-Sokhumi State University. Doctor of Political Sciences. Professor.




Shahid Khan-Monash Business School. Sessional Lecturer. PhD in Management.

Vikash Ramiah-UNISA School of Commerce. Associate Professor. PhD in Applied Finance.



Abbas İsmayılov-Azerbaijan State Agricultural University. Associate Professor. PhD in Biology Science.

Almaz Mehdiyeva-Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University.Associate Professor. PhD in TS.

Amir V. Aliyev-Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic Lung Diseases Department. Guba District Central Hospital Head of Department. PhD of Medicine.

Aytekin Hasanova-Azerbaijan Medical University. I Preventive Medicine Faculty. Deputy of Dean. PhD in Medical Biology.

Araz Manucheri-Lalen-Associated Professor, PhD Department of Psychiatry, Azerbaijan Medical University.

Arif M. Mammadzada-Baku “Geotechnological problems of oil, gas and chemistry”, Scientific Research Institute, Professor, Chief Researcher. DS.

Azer K. Mustafayev-Turan Medical Clinic. Cardiologist. PhD in Medicine. 

Beykas Xidirov-Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University. Head of department. Doctor of Economical Sciences.

Djamil Alakbarov-A researcher at the Research Institute for Lung Diseases. PhD in medicine. 

Elchin Suleymanov-Baku Engineering University. Associate Professor of Department Finance. PhD in Economy.

Elshan Mahmud Hajizade-Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic. Head of department. Doctor of Economic Science.Professor.

Emin Mammadzade-Institute of Economics of ANAS. Economic institute. Phd in Economy. Associate professor.

Farda Imanov-ANAS. Georgrapy Institute. Doctor of Georgraphy Sciences. Professor. 

Garib Mamedov-National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic. Academician-secretary of the Department of Agrarian

Sciences of ANAS, Academician of ANAS. Doctor of Biolgical Sciences.

Heyder Guliyev-Azerbaijan State Agricultural University. English Teacher. PhD in Philology.

Ibrahim Gabibov-Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University. Doctor of Technical Sciences. Professor.

Jamala Mursalova-Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Genetic Resources Institute. PhD BS.

Lala Bekirova-Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University. Azerbaijan National Avation Academy. PhD.TS.

Leyla I. Djafarova-Clinic "Medium" Baku. Doctor of Medical Sciences. Professor.

Mahmud Hajizade-Sector Director of State Fund for Information Technology Development of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Naila Quliyeva-Azerbaijan Medical University. Assistant in "Immunology" Program at Pediatrics Diseases Department. Docent and Academic Manager in "Allergology and Immunology" Department.

Rafig Gurbanov-Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University. Doctor of Technical Sciences. Professor.

Ramiz Gurbanov-Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University. Doctor of Technical Sciences. Professor.

Ramiz Mammadov-ANAS. Giography Institute. Doctor of Technical Sciences. Professor. Academician.

Rashad G. Abishov-Dental Implant Aesthetic Center Harbor Hospital, Azerbaijan State Doctors Improvement Institute. PhD. 

Rena Gurbanova-Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University. Associate Professor. PhD in Chemistry. 

Sadagat V. Ibrahimova-Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University. PhD in Economical Sciences. 

Samira Mammadova-Sumgayit State University. Senior Teacher of History and its teaching methodology in History Faculty. PhD in History.

Sayyara Ibadullayeva-Institute of Botany. National Academy of Sciences. Professor. PhD in Biological Sciences.

Sevinj Mahmudova-Azerbaijan State Agrarian University. PhD. Researcher.

Tarbiz Aliyev-Innovation Center of National Academy of Azerbaijan Republic. The deputy of director. Doctor of Economical Sciences.Professor.

Tariel Omarov-Azerbaijan Medical University. Department of surgical diseases. PhD in Medicine.

Tofig Ahmadov-Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University. Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy Sciences. Professor.

Tofig Baharov-Azerbaijan State Oil Company. Scientific Research Institute.Head of department. Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy Sciences.

Tofig Samadov-Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University. Doctor of Technical Sciences. Professor.

Tubukhanum  Gasimzadeh-Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Institute of Dendrology of Azerbaijan NAS. Leading researcher PHD in Biological Sciences,  Associate Professor.

Vusal Ismailov-“Caspian International Hospital”. Orthopedics Traumatology Expert. MD. Azerbaijan.

Zakir Aliyev-RAPVHN and MAEP. PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Professor of  RAE academician.

Zakir Eminov-ANAS. Giography Institute. Doctor of Georgraphy Sciences. Associate Professor. 



Osama Al Mahdi-University of Bahrain, Bahrain Teachers College. Assistant Professor. PhD, Elementary Education and Teaching



Muhammad Mahboob Ali-Daffodil International University. Department of Business Administration. Professor.



Tanua Teterinets-Belarusian State University of Agricultural Technology. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Associate Professor.

Vladimir Yanchuk-Belarus State University. Professor. Academy of Postgraduate Education. PhD in Social Psychology.


Bosna & Hercegovina

Igor Jurčić-Head of marketing Business group for VSE/SME. Telecommunication Business and Management.

Ratko Pavlovich-University of East Sarajevo. Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. Full Professor. PhD in Sport Sciences.



Paulo Cesar Chagas Rodrigues-Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Sao Paulo. Professor. PhD in Mechanical Engineering.  



Desislava Stoilova-South-West University “ Neofit Rilski”. Vice Dean of Faculty of Economics. Associate Professor. PhD in Finance.

Eva Tsvetanova-Tsenov Academy of Economics, Svishtov, Bulgaria Department of Strategic Planning. Head assistant professor. PhD in Economy.

Jean-François Rougė-University of technology Sofia.Professor researcher. PhD in Management. 

Jean-François Rougė-University of Technology, Sofia. PhD in Business Law.

Milena Kirova-Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Professor. PhD in Philology.



Dragan Čišić-University of Rijeka. Faculty of Maritime Studies. Full professor.  PhD in Logistics, e-business.



Abdelbadeh Salem-Professor at Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ain Shams University.

Neyara Radwan-King Abdul-Aziz University. Jeddah. KSA. Business Administration Department. Faculty of Economics and Administration. Assistant Professor. Suez Canal University. Mechanical Department. Faculty of Engineering. Assistant Professor.



Michael Schaefer-L’Ässociation 1901 SEPIKE International, Président at SEPIKE International. PhD of Economical Sciences.



Anzor G. Abralava-Georgian Technical University. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Full Professor.

Dali Sologashvili-State University named Akaki Tsereteli. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Full Professor.

Dali Osepashvili-Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication TSU (Tbilisi State University), Head MA Program "Media and New Technology"

Davit Tophuria-Tbilisi State Medical University. Head of International Students Academic Department, Associate Professor. PhD in HNA.

Eka Avaliani-International Black Sea University. Associate Professor.  PhD in History.

Eka Darchiashvili-Tbilisi State University named after Sv. Grigol Peradze.  Assistant of professor. PhD in BA.

Ekaterine Maghlakelidze-The University of Georgia, Associated professor, Business, Economics and Management School.

Enene Menabde-Jobadze-Georgian Technical University. Academical Doctor of Economics.

Eter Bukhnikashvili-Dental clinic "NGM-Innovation Dental". The doctor-stomatologist. PhD in Medicine.

Evgeni Baratashvili-Georgian Technical University. Head of Economic and Business Department. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Full Professor

George Jandieri-Georgian Technical University; Chief scientist, Institute of Cybernetics of the Georgian Academy. Full Professor

George Malashkhia-Georgian Technical University. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Full Professor.

Giorgi Kepuladze-Akaki Tsereteli State University, Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences, PhD in Economics. Invited teacher.

Gulnara Kiliptari-Tbilisi StateMedical University.  Head of ICU department. Associate professor.

Iamze Taboridze-Scientific Center of the Humanitarian Educational University, Head, PhD in Medicine. Associate professor.

Irma Makharashvili-Caucasus International University. Dean of Business Faculty. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Full Professor

Ketevan Goletiani-Batumi Navigation Teaching University. Dean of Logistics Faculty.Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. Doctor TS, Professor.

Larisa Korghanashvili-Tbilisi State University (TSU) named Ivane Javakhishvili. Full Professor

Larisa Takalandze-Sokhumi State University, Faculty of Economic and Business. Doctor of Economic Sciences.

Lia Davitadze-Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. Higher Education Teaching Professional. PhD in Educational Sciences.

Lia Matchavariani-Tbilisi State University (TSU) named Ivane Javakhishvili. Full Professor, Faculty of Exact & Natural Sciences (Geography Dep.)

Loid Karchava-Doctor of Business Administration, Association Professor at the Caucasus International University, Editor-in-Chief of the international Scientific Journal "Akhali Ekonomisti" (The New Economist)

Maia Kapanadze-Georgian State University named Javaxashvili. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Associate Professor.

Maia Matoshvili-Tbilisi State Medical University. The First University Clinic. Dermato-Venereologist.  Assistant Professor. PhD in DAPS.

Mariam Darbaidze-Davit Aghmashenebeli National Defense Academy of Georgia. The Head of Education Division. PhD in Biology.

Mariam Kharaishvili-Ilia State University. Asistent Professor. PhD MD.

Mariam Nanitashvili-Executive Director - Wise Development LTD (Training Centre). Associated Professor at Caucasus University. PhD in Economics.

Nana Shoniya-State University of Kutaisi named Akakhi Tsereteli. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Full professor

Natia Beridze-LEPL National Environmental Agency of Georgia, Invited Expert at International Relations and PR Division. PhD in Political Science.

Nelli Sichinava-Akaki Tsereteli State Universiry . Associate. Professor. PhD

Nino Gogokhia-Tbilisi State Medical University. Head of Laboratory  the First University Clinic. Professor.

Nino Museridze-GGRC Georgian-German Center for Reproductive Medicine, Owner and Clinical Director. The Doctor of Medicine, Full Professor.  

Nino Pirtskhelani-Associated Professor of  Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics of Tbilisi State Medical University.

Omari Omarimu-Tbilisi State University named Iv. Javakhishvili. Doctor of Chemical Sciences Professor.

Rati Abuladze-St. Andrew the first-called Georgian University of the Patriarchate of Georgia. Faculty of Economics and Eusiness Edministration.  Manager of the Faculty Quality Assurance Office. PhD in Business Administration.

Rusudan Kutateladze-Georgian Technical University. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Full Professor

Rusudan Sujashvili-New Vision University. School of Medicine. Professor,  

Simon Nemsadze-Georgian Technical University . Doctor of Technical Sciences. Full Professor

Tamar Giorgadze-Tbilisi State Medical University. Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology. Assistant Professor.

Tamila Arnania-Kepuladze-Akaki Tsereteli State University. Department of Economics. PhD in Economic.

Tengiz Museliani-Georgian Technical University. Academic Doctor of Technical Sciences. Associate Professor.

Timuri Babunashvili-Georgian Business Academy of Science. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Full Professor.

Vladimer Papava-Tbilisi State Medical University. Assistant-Professor. PhD. MD.

Zaira Gudushauri-Georgian-Azerbaijan University named G.Aliyev. Assosiate Professor. PhD. ES.



Hans-Juergen Zahorka-Assessor jur., Senior Lecturer (EU and International Law, Institutions and Economy), Chief Editor of "European Union Foreign Affairs Journal", LIBERTAS - European Institute, Rangendingen.

Alexander Dilger-University of Münster. Professor of Business Economics. PhD in Economy.



Margarita Kefalaki-Communication Institute of Greece. PhD in Cultural Communication. President of Institute.  



Nicasia Picciano-Central European University. Department of International Relations and European Studies. 



Federica Farneti-University of Bologna. Department of Sociology and Business Low. Associate Professor. OhD in Economic & Management.

Prasanta Kumar Mitra-Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences. Deptartment of Medical Biotechnology. PhD in Biochemistry.

Samant Shant Priya-Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, New Delhi, Associate Professor in Philosophy PhD in Marketing.

Sonal Purohit-Jain University, Center for Management Studies, Assistant Professor, PhD in Business Administration, Life Insurance, Privatization.

Varadaraj Aravamudhan-Measi Instittue of Management. Associate Professor.  PhD in Management.



Rana Khudhair Abbas Ahmed-Irag, Baghdad, Alrafidain University College. Lecturer, Global Executive Administrator, Academic coordinator. PhD in Scholar (CS).



Azadeh Asgari-Asian Economic and Social Society (AESS). Teaching English as a Second Language. PhD



Simona Epasto-University of Macerata. Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations. Tenured Assistant Professor in Economic and Political Geography. PhD in Economic and Political Geography

Donatella M. Viola-London School of Economics and Political Science, London, Assistant Professor in Politics and International Relations at the University of Calabria, Italy. PhD in International Relations.



Ahmad Aljaber-President at Gulf University. German Jordan University, Founder / Chairman of the Board. Ph.D in Computer Science.

Ahmad Zamil-Middle East University (MEU). Business Administration Dept. Associate Professor. PhD Marketing

Ikhlas Ibrahim Altarawneh-Al-Huessien BinTalal University. Business Department. Full Professor in Human Resource Management.

Asmahan Majed Altaher-Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences. Associate Professor. PhD in Management Information System.

Sadeq AlHamouz-Middle East University (MEU). Head Computer Information Systems. PHD. Computer Science.

Safwan Al Salaimeh-Aqaba University. Sofrware Engineering Department. Information Technology Faculty. Professor. PhD.



Alessandra Clementi-Nazarbayev University School of Medicine. MD, GP. Assistant Professor of Medical Practice and Family Medicine.

Altinay Pozilova-Sirdarya University. Associated professor. PhD in Pedagogy Science.

Anar Mirazagalieva-Astana Internationl University. Vice-President. PhD in Biology.

Anna Troeglazova-East Kazakhstan State University named Sarsen Amanjolov. PhD

Gulmira Zhurabekova-Marat Ospanov West-Kazakhstan State Medical Academy. Department of Human Anatomy. Associate Professor.

Guzel Ishkinina-Ust-Kamenogorsk, Russian Economy University G. Plekhanov, Associate Professor, PhD in Economic science.

Marina Bobireva-West Kazakhstan State Medical University named Marat Ospanov. PhD.

Niyazbek Kalimov-Kostanay Agricultural Institution. PhD

Nuriya Kharissova-State University of Karaganda. Associate Professor of Biological Science.

Nikolay Kurguzov-State University of Pavlodar named S. Toraygirova. PhD. Professor.

Oleg Komarov-Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute. Professor of Department of Economics, Law and Philosophy. PhD in Sociology.

Zhanargul Smailova-Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after MD, professor S.O. Tapbergenova NAC Medical University of city Semey.



Salaheddin Sharif-University of Benghazi, International Conference on Sports Medicine and Fitness, Libyan Football Federation- Benghazi PhD in Medicine (MD)



Tatiana Tambovceva-Latvian Council of Science. Riga Technical University. Assoiate Professor at Riga Technical University



Agne Simelyte-Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Associate professor. Phd in Social Sciences (Management).

Ieva Meidute – Kavaliauskiene-Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Vice-dean for Scientific Research.

Vilma (Kovertaite) Musankoviene-e-Learning Technology Centre. Kaunas University of Technology. PHD

Laura Uturyte-Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU). Head of Project Manager at PI Gintarine Akademy. PhD in Economy.

Loreta (Gedminaitė) Ulvydiene-Professor of Intercultural Communication and Studies of Translation. Vilnius University. PHD

Zhaneta Simanavichienė-Professor, head of Laboratory Business Innovation University of Mykolas Romeris. Honorary consul of Estonia.



Liza Alili Sulejmani-International Balkan University. Head of Banking and Finance department. Assistant Professor. PhD of Economics.



Anwarul Islam-The Millennium University. Department of Business Administration. Associate Professor.

Kamal Uddin-Millennium University, Department of Business Administration. Associate Professor. PhD in Business Administration.



Mohammed Amine Balambo-Ibn Tufail University, Aix-Marseille University. Free lance. Consultant and Trainer. PhD in Philosophy. Management Sciences, Specialty Strategy and Logistics.



Bhola Khan-Yobe State University, Damaturu. Senior Lecturer and Head, Dept. of Economics. PhD in Economics.



Svitlana Holovchuk-PhD in general pedagogics and history of pedagogics.



Nawaz Ahmad-The Aga Khan University. Chief Examiner. PhD in Management.



Grzegorz Michalski-Wroclaw University of Economics. Faculty of Engineering and Economics. PhD in economics. Assistant professor.

Kazimierz Waluch-Pawel Wlodkowic University College in Płock, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Management. PhD in Economy.

Robert Pawel Suslo-Wroclaw Medical University, Public Health Department, Health Sciences Faculty, Adjunct Professor of Gerontology Unit. PhD MD.

Tadeusz Trocikowski-European Institute for Eastern Studies. PhD in Management Sciences.



Mohammed Elgammal-Qatar University. Assistant Professor in Finance. PhD in Finance.



Camelia Florela Voinea-University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Science, Department of Political Science, International Relations and Security Studies. PhD in Political Sciences.

Minodora Dobreanu-University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology of Târgu Mureș. Faculty of Medicine. Professor. PhD in Medicine.  

Odette (Buzea) Arhip-Ecological University Bucuresti. Professor at Ecological University. PhD.



Alexander A. Sazanov-Leningrad State University named A.S. Pushkin. Doctor of Biological Sciences. Professor.

Alexander N. Shendalev-State Educational Institution of Higher Education. Omsk State Transport University. Associate Professor.

Andrey Latkov-Stolypin Volga Region Institute of Administration, Ranepa. Sc.D. (Economics), Ph.D. (Politics), professor.

Andrei Popov-Director "ProfConsult Group". Nizhniy Novqorod  Region. PhD.

Anton Mosalyov-Russian State University of Tourism and Service. Associate Professor.

Сatrin Kolesnikova-Samara Architectural and Constructional University. PhD.

Ekaterina Kozina-Siberia State Transportation University. PhD.

Elena Klemenova-South Federal University of Russia. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences. Professor.

Galina Kolesnikova-Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and International Academy of Natural History. Taganrog Institute of Management and Economics. Philologist, Psychologist, PhD.

Galina Gudimenko-Orel State Institute of Economics and Trade. Department of History, Philosophy, Advertising and Public Relations.Doctor of Economical Sciences. Professor.

Grigory G. Levkin-Siberian State Automobile and Highway Academy. Omsk State Transport University. PHD of Veterinary Sciences.

Gyuzel Ishkinina-Ust-Kamenogorsk affiliation of G. Plekhanov Russian Economy University / Associate Professor, Business, Informatics, Jurisprudence and General Studies sub-department. PhD in Economic science.

Irina V. Larina-Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education. Associate Professor.

Irina Nekipelova-M.T. Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University. Department of Philosophy. PhD.

Larisa Zinovieva-North-Caucasus Federal University. PHD.Pedagogical Science. Associate Professor.

Liudmila Denisova-Department Director at Russian State Geological Prospecting University. Associate Professor.

Lyalya Jusupowa-Bashkir State Pedagogical University named M.Akmully. PHD Pedagogy Science. Associate Professor.

Marina Sirik-Kuban State University. Head of the Department of Criminal Law, Process and Criminalistics of the State Pedagogical University.PhD in Legal Sciences.

Marina Volkova-Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences. Professor.

Natalia Litneva-Orlov State Institute of Economy and Trade. Volga Branch of The Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education

Nikolay N. Efremov-Institute of Humanitarian Research and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Doctor of Philology. Research Associate.

Nikolay N. Sentyabrev-Volgograd State Academy of Physical Culture. Doctor of Biological Sciences. Professor. Academician.

Olga Ovsyanik-Plekhanov Russian Economic University, Moscow State Regional University. Doctor in Social Psychology.

Olga Pavlova-Medical University named Rehabilitation, Doctors and Health, Professor of the Department of Morphology and Pathology, Doctor of biological sciences, physiology.

Sergei N. Fedorchenko-Moscow State Regional University of Political Science and Rights. PhD.

Sergei A. Ostroumov-Moscow State University. Doctor of Biological Science. Professor.

Svetlana Guzenina-Tambov State University named G.R. Derzhavin. PhD in Sociology.

Tatiana Kurbatskaya-Kamsk State Engineering – Economical Academy. PhD.

Victor F. Stukach-Omsk State Agrarian University. Doctor of Economical Sciences. Professor.

Zhanna Glotova-Baltic Federal University named Immanuel Kant, Ph.D., Associate Professor.


Saudi Arabia

Ikhlas (Ibrahim) Altarawneh-Ibn Rushd College for Management Sciences. PHD Human Resource Development and Management.Associate Professor in Business Administration.

Salim A alghamdi-Taif University. Head of Accounting and Finance Dept. PhD in Accounting.



Jane Paunkovic-Faculty for Management, Megatrend University. Full Professor. PhD in Medicine.

Jelena Purenovic-University of Kragujevac. Faculty of Technical Sciences Cacak . Assistant Professor . PhD in NM systems.


Sultanate of Oman

Nithya Ramachandran-Ibra College of Technology. Accounting and Finance Faculty, Department of Business Studies. PhD.

Rustom Mamlook-Dhofar University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering College of Engineering. PhD in Engineering / Computer Engineering. Professor.



Goran Basic-Lund University. Department of Sociology. PhD in Sociology. Postdoctoral Researcher in Sociology.



Fuad Aliew-Gebze Technical University, Department of Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,Associate professor, PhD in Automation engineering.

Mehmet Inan-Turkish Physical Education Teachers Association. Vice president. PhD in Health Sciences, Physical Education and Sport Sciences.

Muzaffer Sancı-University of Health Sciences. Tepecik Research and Teaching Hospital. Clinics of Gynecology and Obtetrics Department of Gynecologic Oncologic Surgery. Assocciated Proffesor.

Vugar Djafarov-Medical school at the University of Ondokuzmayıs Turkey. PhD. 

Yigit Kazancioglu-Izmir University of Economics. Associate Professor, PhDin Business Administration.



Christopher Vasillopulos-Professor of Political Science at Eastern Connecticut State University. PhD in Political Science and Government.

Frances Tsakonas-International Institute for Education Advancement. Ceo & Founder. PhD in Philosophy.

Georgios Piperopoulos-Northumbria University. Visiting Professor, Faculty of Business and Law Newcastle Business School. PhD Sociology and Psychology.

Mahmoud Khalifa-Lecturer at Suez Canal University. Visiting Fellow, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lincoln UK. PhD in Social and Political Sciences.

Mohammed Elgammal-Qatar University. Assistant Professor. PhD in Finance.

Stephan Thomas Roberts-BP Global Project Organisation. EI&T Construction Engineer. Azerbaijan Developments. SD 2 Onshore Terminal. Electrical engineer.



Alina Revtie-Uvarova-National Scientific Center. Institute of Soil Structure and Agrochemistry named Sokolovski. Senior Researcher of the Laboratory, performing part-time duties of the head of this laboratory.

Alla Oleksyuk-Nexhames-Lviv University of Medicine. Neurologyst at pedagog, pryvaty refleksoterapy. MD PD.

Anna Kozlovska-Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine. Associate Professor. PhD in Ecomomic.

Bogdan Storokha-Poltava State Pedagogical University. PhD.

Dmytro Horilyk-Head of the Council, at Pharmaceutical Education & Research Center. PhD in Medicine.

Galina Kuzmenko-Central Ukrainian National Technical University, Department of Audit and Taxation, Associate Professor.PhD in Economiy.

Galina Lopushniak-Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman. PhD. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.

Hanna Huliaieva-Institute of Microbiology and Virology, NASU, department of phytopatogenic bacteria. The senior research fellow, PhD in Biology. 

Hanna Komarnytska-Ivan Franko National University of Lviv , Head of the Department of Economics and Management, Faculty of Finance and Business Management, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor.

Iryna Skrypchenko-Prydniprovsk State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports. Department of Water Sports. Associate Professor. PhD in Physical Education and Sport.

Katerina Yagelskaya-Donetsk National Technical University. PhD.

Larysa Kapranovа-State Higher Educational Institution «Priazovskyi State Technical University» Head of the Department of Economic Theory and Entrepreneurship,   Associate Professor, PhD in Economy. 

Lesia Baranovskaya-National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", PhD, Associate Professor.

Liliya Roman-Department of Social Sciences and Ukrainian Studies of the Bukovinian State Medical University. Associate professor, PhD in Philology.

Lyudmyla Svistun-Poltava national technical Yuri Kondratyuk University. Department of Finance and Banking. Associated Professor.

Мixail M. Bogdan-Institute of Microbiology and Virology, NASU, department of Plant of viruses. PhD in Agricultural Sciences.

Nataliya Bezrukova-Yuri Kondratyuk National Technical University. Associate Professor, PhD in Economic.

Oleksandr Voznyak-Hospital “Feofaniya”. Kyiv. Head of Neureosurgical Centre. Associated Professor.

Oleksandra Kononova-Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (PSACIA), Assoc.professor of Accounting, Economics and Human Resources Management department. PhD. in Economic Science.

Oleksandr Levchenko-Central Ukrainian National Technical University, Kropyvnytskyi. Vice-Rector for Scientific Activities. Professor.

Olena Cherniavska-Poltava University of Economics and Trade, Doctor of Economical Sciences. Professor

Olga F. Gold-Ukrainian National University named I.I. Mechnikov. PhD

Olga I. Gonchar-Khmelnytsky National University, Economics of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.

Roman Lysyuk-Assistant Professor at Pharmacognosy and Botany Department at Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.

Stanislav Goloborodko-Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher. Institute of Agricultural Technologies of Irrigated Agriculture of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Svetlana Dubova-Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. Department of Urban Construction. Associate Professor. PhD in TS. Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law

Tetiana Kaminska-Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law. Rector. Doctor of Science in Economics. .

Valentina Drozd-State Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, Senior Researcher.

Vasyl Klymenko-Central Ukrainian National Technical University. Department of Electrical Systems and Energy Management. Doctor TS. Professor.

Victoriya Lykova-Zaporizhzhya National University, PhD of History.

Victor P. Mironenko-Doctor of Architecture, professor of department "Design of architectural environment", Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of Kharkov National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA), member of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture.

Yuliia Mytrokhina-Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Mykhaylo Tugan-Baranovsky., PhD in Marketing and Management. Associate Professor.

Yulija M. Popova-Poltava National Technical University named Yuri Kondratyuk. PhD in Ecomomic. Associated professor



Lienara Adzhyieva-V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, Yevpatoriya Institute of Social Sciences (branch). PhD of History. Associate Professor.

Oksana Usatenko-V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University. Academy of Humanities and Education (branch). PhD of Psychology.Associate Professor.

Oleg Shevchenko-V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, Humanities and Education Science Academy (branch), Associate Professor. PhD in Social Philosophy.

Tatiana Scriabina-V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, Yevpatoriya Institute of Social Sciences (filial branch). PhD of Pedagogy.Associate Professor


United Arab Emirates

Ashok Dubey-Emirates Institute for Banking & Financial Studies, Senior faculty. Chairperson of Academic Research Committee of EIBFS. PhD in Economics.

Maryam Johari Shirazi-Faculty of Management and HRM. PhD in HRM. OIMC group CEO.



Ahmet S. Yayla-Adjunct Professor, George Mason University, the Department of Criminology, Law and Society & Deputy Director, International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE), PhD in Criminal Justice and Information Science

Carol Scott Leonard-Presidential Academy of the National Economy and Pubic Administration. National Research University – Higher School of Economics. Russian Federation.

Christine Sixta Rinehart-Academic Affairs at University of South Carolina Palmetto College. Assistant Professor of Political Science. Ph.D. Political Science.

Cynthia Buckley-Professor of Sociology at University of Illinois. Urbana-Champaign. Sociological Research

Medani P. Bhandari-Akamai University. Associate professor. Ph.D. in Sociology.

Mikhail Z. Vaynshteyn-Lecturing in informal associations and the publication of scientific articles on the Internet. Participation in research seminars in the "SLU University" and "Washington University", Saint Louis.

Nicolai Panikov-Lecturer at Tufts University. Harvard School of Public Health. PhD/DSci, Microbiology.

Rose Berkun-State University of New York at Buffalo. Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, PhD. MD.

Tahir Kibriya-Director technical / senior engineering manager. Black & Veatch Corporation, Overland Park. PhD Civil Engineering.

Yahya Kamalipour-Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication North Carolina A&T State University Greensboro, North Ca. Professor and Chair Department of Journalism and Mass Communication North Carolina A&T State University. PhD.

Wael Al-Husami-Lahey Hospital & Medical Center,  Nardone Medical Associate, Alkhaldi Hospital, Medical Doctor, International Health,  MD, FACC, FACP.



Gerardo Prieto Blanco-Universidad de la República. Economist, Associate Professor. Montevideo.



Guzel Kutlieva-Institute of Microbiology. Senior Researcher. PhD in BS.

Khurshida Narbaeva-Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences Republic of  Uzbekistan, Doctor of biological sciences.

Shaklo Miralimova-Academy of Science. Institute of Microbiology. Doctor of Biology Sciences. PhD in BS.

Shukhrat Yovkochev-Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Stadies. Full professor. PhD in political sciences.